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EzyWine streamlines all winery procedures into one comprehensive package which can be easily utilised by every user. It removes the need to run separate vineyard, weighbridge, winemaking, bottling, plant servicing, accounting, payroll, asset register, marketing & CRM, budgeting, mail order, POS and wine club packages, removing the inaccuracies and costs associated with double-entry.

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Benefits Overview


Existing reference data and balances are preloaded and three days onsite training included in purchase price. Install within weeks, not months of purchase!


Full integrated end-to-end business management package.


Help desk, regional seminars, comprehensive training notes, onsite & in-house training.


Contributions from thousands of users of EzyWine from several countries ensures that the system keeps up with world’s best practices, meets your requirements as your business grows and does not become obsolete.


Taxes, HACCP, LIP, ISO, OH&S, Superannuation,GST, IRD Certificates, EXCISE, ALAC, PAYE, Wine Institute of NZ, Food Standard Codes, KIWI Saver etc.


Excellent return on investment – operations are streamlined, true margins are realised, better cash flow management and tracking of all stock movements.


No restrictions on the number of companies, stock items, customers, pricing structures, vineyards, analyses types, etc… that can be defined.


World leader in ERP solutions.

Features at a glance


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Register
  • General Ledger
  • Marketing & CRM
  • Payroll & Human Resources
  • Plant Servicing
  • Winemaking
  • Bottling
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales, POS and Wine Club
  • Stock Control
  • Vineyard Management
  • System Administration


  • Reliance on multiple packages
  • Double handling of data and associated errors
  • Need for highly skilled IT personnel
  • Dependency on spreadsheets
  • Issues outlined in the Sarbanes-Oxley act
  • Departmental bottlenecks.


  • Better stock control
  • True costs
  • More reliable, flexible and timely information for management.


  • Only need to learn one easy to use system
  • Have a better understanding of how their work impacts on others
  • Be able to readily identify potential issues such as exceeding budgets, stock shortages and cash flow issues
  • Spend less time processing and reconciling data
  • Have more time to focus on business objectives.


  • Perpetual
  • Periodic
  • Average
  • Standard.


  • Cash
  • Accrual

INTEGRATION SAMPLE - Adding Tartaric Acid to a Tank

  • Tartaric is recorded against the tank and included in the wine composition
  • Tartaric batch number is recorded so that HACCP requirements are met
  • Cost of tartaric is added to wine in tank
  • Cost of tartaric is used to adjust the bulk wine overall average cost
  • The bulk wine STOH account in the GL balance sheet is debited
  • The additive STOH account in the GL balance sheet is credited
  • The quantity of tartaric is reduced
  • Warning message displayed if quantity of tartaric falls below reorder level or projected cost of bulk wine is exceeded.

The purchase order module maintains the average cost and records the HACCP reference. The cost of the wine is also impacted by grower payments, bulk wine purchases, barrel depreciation, overheads and usage of consumables (such as filters). The stock control and general ledger modules are impacted without the winemaker necessarily knowing it.



  • Mouse & Keyboard Navigation
  • Customise Font Size & Screen Colours
  • Specify Your Own Terminology (such as menu option names)
  • Specify Whether To Display Module Bar, Split View and/or Folder View
  • Multiple Sessions.


  • Touch Screens
  • Pocket PCs
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Programmable Keyboards
  • Time Clocks
  • Mobile Phones
  • Weighbridge Scales
  • Analysis Devices
  • Weather Stations
  • Moisture Probes
  • Remote Warehouse Printers
  • Cash Registers
  • Barrel Scanners.


  • EDI B2B E-Trading
  • Coles & Woolworths Food & Liquor e-commerce accreditation
  • MS Excel, Outlook and Access
  • EFT Banking
  • Contract Bottlers
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Cognos & Crystal Report Writers
  • J.D. Edwards & SAP
  • Cash Registers
  • Postal Services
  • Temp Control Systems
  • Export Documentation
  • Distributor Warehouses
  • Freight Companies.

Restricting User Access

  • Menu Options
  • Insert, Modify and/or Confirm Transactions
  • Stock Items & Locations
  • Stock Prices & Discounts
  • Remote Access By Sales Reps & Distributors
  • Bank Account Details
  • Tanks & Barrels
  • Cellar Operation Types
  • Purchase Order Limits
  • Debtors, Employees, Creditors & Growers
  • Bottling Scheduling
  • GL Accounts.

Statutory Requirements


New Zealand

  • GST
  • WET
  • WET Rebate
  • BAS
  • ABS
  • Payment Summary
  • Superannuation
  • Withholding Tax
  • ISO
  • Food Standard Codes
  • OH&S
  • AWBC (LIP)
  • Fortification
  • Bioterrorism Reporting.
  • GST
  • IRD Certificates
  • ALAC
  • PAYE
  • Wine Institute of NZ
  • ISO
  • Food Standard Codes
  • OH&S
  • KIWI Saver
  • Fortification
  • Bioterrorism Reporting

Support and Training

  • Annual Visit
  • Online Help Screens
  • Training Manuals
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Remote Access
  • Sample Reports On Web
  • Inhouse & Onsite Training
  • Regional Seminars (schedule is on the website)
  • May and October Upgrade CD.

Accounts Payable

  • Drill Down Enquiry
  • 30, 60 and 90 Days Ageing By Payment Terms or Due Date
  • Credit Card and EFT Payment
  • A/P Invoices & Adjustments
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Bulk Email Remittance Advices
  • Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six-monthly & Yearly Billing
  • Ageing & Due Dates Can Be Changed For Outstanding Balances
  • Multiple Company Consolidation
  • Automatic Payment Generation
  • Interfaces With Purchase Order & Weighbridge (freight) Modules
  • Produce Customised Remittance Advice & Cheque Print
  • Warning When New EFT Used.

Accounts Receivable

  • Multiple Currencies & Foreign Exchange
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • A/R Invoice & Adjustments
  • EFT, Cash, Cheque, B/Card, VISA, M/Card, Diners, Bpay & AMEX
  • Bulk Email Statements
  • Drill Down Enquiry
  • 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 Days Ageing By Payment Terms or Due Date
  • Periodic Billing
  • Balance Forward and Open Item
  • Debtor Delivery Instructions
  • Powerful Search Feature
  • Multiple Company Consolidation
  • Interfaces With Sales & Bulk Despatch Modules
  • Sales Areas & Sales Reps
  • 8 Customised Debtor Groups
  • Price Types Include Wholesale, Retail, Export, Staff and Inter-Company
  • Central Billing Debtors
  • Statements Sent To Head Office
  • Manage Debtor Over Payments
  • Interest On Overdue Payments
  • Advertising & Promotion (A&P) Claims Tracking
  • Produce Customised Debtor Statements
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses
  • Report Average Days To Pay.

Asset Register

  • Asset Groups, Departments & Associations
  • Adjustments & Revaluations
  • Leases and Hire Purchase
  • Straight Line and Reducing Depreciation
  • Book and Tax Schedules
  • Scrap & Sale Disposals
  • Barrel Depreciation
  • Linked To Plant Servicing
  • Monitor Insurance Policy & Expiry Date
  • Asset Stock-Take Form.


  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Barcode Pallet Tags EDI Compliance
  • Post Bottling QC Analysis
  • SOP’s and Specifications Specify & Restrict Earliest Date For Bottling and Sales
  • Export Specifications & Schedule To Contract Bottler
  • Bottling Runs Can Be Linked Directly To Export Sales Orders
  • Material Shortfalls Highlighted
  • Labour & Overhead Costs
  • Specifications Can Be Copied Between Stock Items.
  • Pre & Post Bottling Analysis
  • Specification Composition & Analysis Variances Highlighted
  • Outlook Calendar Interface
  • Quantity & Cost Of Wastage Beyond Acceptable Wastage % Are Highlighted
  • Bill of Materials
  • Breakdown Statistics
  • Traceability Back To Vineyard & Bulk Receival
  • Decanting
  • STOH, Committed Stock, Sales Patterns (or Budgets), Lead Times & Safety Stock Level Used To Determine Bottling Proposal
  • Bottling Run Linked To Sales Order So That Profit Margin Can Be Checked First
  • Julian Date & HACCP Tracking
  • Bottling Report Writer.


  • Out Of Specification
  • Exceeds Expected Cost
  • Bulk Wine Not Ready For Bottling
  • Bottled Wine Cost Less Than Sale Price
  • Insufficient Material.

Cellar Door Sales

  • POS
  • Real-Time Stock Control
  • Cash Register, Touch Screen and Barcode Reader Interface
  • Daily Takings & Bank Deposit
  • Table Numbers & Guests Per Table
  • AMEX, Cash, Cheque, Bank Card, VISA, Master Card, Diners, EFT, Direct Debit, BBX and Barter Card
  • Print Meal Items In Kitchen
  • Charge Back To Hotel Room
  • When Wine Is To Be Freighted, Customer Details Can Be Recorded & Mail Order Sale Generated
  • Free Reasons Include Tasting, Bonus, Launch, Education, Promotion, etc..
  • Coupons & Vouchers
  • Favourite Debtors (eg. Bus Tour)
  • Split Bills
  • Hourly & Daily Statistics Assist With Scheduling Staff
  • Up-selling Statistics
  • Sales Rep Performance
  • Auto Interface To Mail Orders For Wines To Be Freighted
  • Cellar Door Sales Staff Can Insert & Maintain Club Member Details Without Critical Details Such as Pricing and GL Accounts Preloaded
  • Apply Discount % Against One Item or All Items
  • Reward Points Accrual & Redemption
  • Gratuity Tracking.

Contract Bottling

  • Track Customer Supplied Stock
  • Processing, Sterile Filtration, Additive, Analysis, Labour, Storage & Consumables Fees
  • Record Customer Specifications
  • Sales Invoices Generated
  • Print & Email Quotes
  • Auto email to Admin staff notifying them of arrival of bulk wine or packaging materials so that they can check schedules
  • Complete Traceability Back To Vineyard If Contract Wine Processing also Performed For Customer
  • Customise Pallet Tag Format
  • Track Client’s Bottling Materials
  • Storage Free Days After Bottling
  • Bottling Report Writer
  • Full Pallet or Part-of Daily or Monthly Storage Fee
  • Pre Bottling Customer Specification, Quality Assurance & Tasting Forms.

contract winemaking

  • Specify Fees For Processing, Ullage, Additives, Analysis, Labour, Storage & Consumables
  • Record Client Composition & Analysis Specifications
  • Barrel Storage Fees
  • Email Client Their Crush & Cellar Operations
  • Automatically Generates Sales Invoices
  • Track Client’s Chemicals
  • Provide Client With Remote Access To Report Their Information Only
  • Email Client Export File Of Their Grower Weighbridge Dockets For Importing Into Their System.

General Ledger

  • Actual, Budget and Forecast
  • Multiple Banks and Currencies
  • Cheque Search By Cheque No, Transaction Date Range, Amount, Payee and Source (Creditor, Payroll, Cash and Grower Payments)
  • GL Account Search Facility
  • Cashflow Management
  • Powerful Account Drill Down Enquiry Powerful GL & Multiple Company Consolidation Report Writers
  • GST & WET Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • 48 Update Options Impact On GL
  • General, Cash Payment & Receipt, Distribution, Cash Receipt, Standing and Accrual Journals
  • Restrict User GL Account Access
  • GL Codes (including history) Can Be Changed When Required
  • Project Accounting

Marketing & CRM

  • Monitor Existing Customers and/or Track Potential Customers
  • Define Facts (Such As Seating Capacity, Whether Table Talkers Are Needed, On-Premise, etc…)
  • Outlook Calendar Interface
  • Copy Prospects To/From Debtors
  • Generate Reports, Labels, Letters and Mailmerge Files Based On Sales Information, Facts and/or Activities
  • Bulk Email Based On Sales History
  • On Accessing EzyWine You Will Be Reminded Of Upcoming Activities
  • Create Debtors From Prospects & Vice-Versa
  • Targeted Mail Out or Email Based On Sales Details.
  • Reoccurring Activities
  • Microsoft®™ Outlook®™ Interface
  • Utilising iPhone®™ and iPad®™ to browse activities and place order.

Payroll & Human Resources

  • Manage Employee Loans
  • Bulk Email Payslips
  • Additions and $ / % Deductions
  • Unlimited Pay Types & Rates
  • Standard Payslips
  • Employee Fringe Benefits
  • Salary Sacrifice & Additional Superannuation
  • Annual, Sick, LSL & RDO Leave
  • Record GL Accounts Against Payslips, Departments, Pay Types and/or Employee Groups
  • Time Clock Interface
  • EFT, Cash, Cheque and Direct Deposit Payment Methods
  • Reporting By Activity & Project
  • Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly Periods
  • Departmental Reporting
  • Payment Summary
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Training
  • Languages
  • Salary Reviews
  • Assessments
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Affiliations
  • Skills Required
  • Children Details
  • Departmental Staff Profile Statistics
  • Age & Longevity Profiles
  • Record Staff Injuries Including Images & Documents (OH&S)
  • Vineyard Operations Interface.

Plant Servicing

  • Parts & Labour Usage
  • Schedule Service Tasks By Hours, Km’s, Litres, Days, Weeks, Months, Years, etc…
  • Recording Information For ISO Accreditation
  • Customise Work Sheet
  • Mean Time Between Failures
  • Site Visitor Register
  • Plant Items and Structures
  • General Ledger, Stock & Asset Register Interface
  • Breakdown & Planned Service Statistics
  • Service Tasks Easily Copied Between Plant Items
  • Service Work Sheets Automatically Generated Based On Service Schedule.

Purchase Orders

  • Multiple Currencies
  • Bulk Email Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Limits & Authorisation
  • GL Budget Checking
  • Monthly Cash & Stock Projections
  • Copy Recurring Orders
  • Physical Stock Receipt and Invoice Matching Can Be Separated
  • Recording Expenses By Project
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Interface To Outlook Calendar
  • HACCP Tracking
  • Current & Original Required Date
  • Customise Purchase Order Docket Format By Creditor Group.


  • Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Mail Order Sales, Service Invoices, Cellar Doors Sales, Periodic Sales & Credit Notes
  • Powerful Report Writer Allows For 1,000s of Reports
  • Bulk Email Invoices & Statements
  • Sales Reps and Commission
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Quantity, $ and % Discounts
  • Easily Copy Invoices
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Sales Order Confirmation & Back Orders
  • Discount Structures Can Be Specified By Debtor, Debtor Group, Stock Item, Stock Group, Discount Class & Price Class
  • Debtor Default Freight Details Preloaded
  • eParcel, ALN & Fastway Freight File
  • Specify Non-Stock Items
  • Stock Allocations By Customer, Customer Group & Sales Rep
  • Sales Budgets & Forecasts By Debtor, Debtor/Stock, Stock, Sales Rep, Sales Group, Sales Area, Stock Group, Warehouse, Postcode….
  • Qty, Cost, Value, Profit, Discount and Litre Budgets & Forecasts Can Be Recorded
  • Specify Credit Note Reasons
  • Specify Whether Tasting & Promotional Stock To Be Included In Sales Reports
  • Restrict User Sales Entry Access
  • ABS Reporting & EDI
  • Top / Bottom Debtors, Stock Items, Sales Areas, Sales Reps, etc
  • Bonus Stock
  • Sales Rep Remote Access
  • Sales Order Confirmation & Release.

Stock Control

  • Stock Valuation By Standard, Last & Average Cost As At Specified Date
  • Committed Stock Report
  • Multiple Company Consolidation
  • Statutory Reports Such As ABS
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Financial Year Stock Usage
  • Movements Drill Down Enquiry
  • Flexible Pricing and Discounting
  • Multiple UOM, Locations & Barcodes For Same Stock Item
  • Maintain Average, Standard and Last Purchase Cost
  • Bulk Wine Vessel & Stock Control Reconciliation
  • Register Of Purchased Wines
  • Stock Requiring Reorder
  • Stock-Take, Transfers, Adjust., Receipts & Stock Tendering
  • Transfer Stock Quantity Between Stock Items & Locations
  • FIFO Warehouse Management
  • Generate Forklift Picking Slip
  • Powerful Report Writer Including Interface To Bottling Module
  • Impacted By Vineyard, Weighbridge, Winemaking, Sales, Bottling, Plant Servicing & Purchase Order Modules
  • Safety Level & Reorder Qty
  • Pocket PC Stock-Take Import
  • STOH, Committed & Available
  • Stock Valuation By Selling Price
  • Easily Apply Warehouse Storage Fees Against Stock Item At Specified Location
  • Stock Take Variance Reasons Statistics
  • Stock Take Import From PDA & MS Excel By Location Or Stock Item.


  • Interface To Plant Servicing, Stock, Planning, Payroll & GL Modules
  • Generate Vineyard Worksheets
  • Chemical Usage & HACCP Batch Tracking
  • Track Machinery Usage
  • Record Number Of Vines Bearing, Not Producing & Missing Per Row
  • Labour (Time Sheet) Tracking
  • Spray Diary
  • Vintage Budgets & Projections
  • Customise Operation Types
  • Vineyard Report Writer
  • Plant Health Register
  • Monitor Water Usage
  • Weather Station Interface
  • Analysis Graphs & Statistics
  • Vineyard Map
  • Vineyard Projections.
  • Utilise Pocket PC or PDA To Capture Analysis In The Field
  • P&L By Vineyard, Block & Variety (Actual Vs Budget)
  • Bulk Wine Allocation By Block
  • Phenology Tracking
  • Vintage & Financial Year Costing
  • Record Unlimited Notes
  • Incorporate SOP’s
  • Specify Agrochemicals, Constituents & Spray Targets
  • Spray Withholding Period
  • Growers Spray Details Can Be Imported From An MS Excel Spreadsheet
  • Spray Cart Water & Chemical Requirements
  • Unlimited Notes Can Be Recorded
  • Incentive Targets.

Vintage Operations


  • Individual and/or Regional Contracts
  • Harvest & Freight Fees
  • Flexible Payment Terms By Block
  • Pre Payments
  • Withholding Tax
  • Bonus & Penalty Based on Analysis Results
  • Levy Deductions and Payments
  • EFT and Cheque Payments
  • Bulk Email Grower Statements
  • Interface to GL and Stock Control Modules
  • Analysis Bonuses +ve or –ve, % or $ per tonne Impacts On Grower, General & Stock Ledgers.


  • Grower Booking By Variety or Grower By Date or Time
  • Outlook Calendar Interface
  • Easily Reschedule Multiple Bookings.


  • Specify Whether To Record Booking Number, Crusher, Bins, Truck No, Carrier, Analysis, Weighbridge, etc..
  • Interface To Weighbridge Scales & Electronic Analyser
  • Weighbridge Checks Include Contract, Spray Diary, Colour Analysis Recorded, Crusher Is Overbooked, Truck Overweight and Plant Health Certificate
  • Auto Bulk Email Weighbridge Dockets To Growers
  • Whole Bunch Receival
  • Weighbridge Dockets Processed At Other Wineries Can be Imported
  • Vintage Report Writer
  • Interface to GL and Stock Control Modules
  • Reporting By Vintage, Grower, Region, Variety, Grower Group, Crusher, etc..
  • Varietal Yields & Extraction Rates.

Wine Club

  • Categorise Members According To Purchasing Preferences
  • Generate Periodic Sales
  • eParcel and Carrier Con-Notes
  • Daily Takings and Bank Deposit
  • EFT, Cash, Cheque, Bank Card, VISA, Master Card, Diners, AMEX, Direct Debit, BBX and Barter Card
  • Whilst Processing Sale, User Will Be Notified If Customer Has Sufficient Redemption Points Debtor Listing Shows Points Balance
  • Specify Points Accumulated Per Dollar Spent Based On Customer Category & Stock Items Purchased
  • Previous Payment Method Preloaded But Can Be Altered
  • Reward Points Accrual & Redemption
  • Coupons & Vouchers
  • Free Reasons Include Tasting, Bonus, Launch, Education, Promotion, etc..


  • Debtors Sales History & Reward Points Balance are Displayed
  • Credit Card Expiry Check
  • Generate EFT & Direct Deposit File
  • Specify Program Date Period
  • Mail Order Packs Always, Skip Once, Replace, Add Once.


  • Vessel Map
  • Composition Traceability From Vineyard To Bottling and/or Bulk Despatch
  • Samples Despatch & Tracking
  • Blend Calculator (Composition & $)
  • Bulk Despatch and Receival
  • Interface To Scanners, Pocket PC & Sample Analysers
  • Powerful Barrel Handling Features
  • Detailed Costing
  • Interface to GL, Stock Control, Vineyard & Bottling Modules
  • Record Analysis Against Vessels, Cellar Note, Wine Batch, Vessel Group, Bulk Receival, Bulk Despatch and Historic Worksheets
  • Multiple Wine Allocations
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Vessel History Drill Down
  • Decanting
  • Multi-Cellar Consolidation Allows Blending & Reporting of Wines Across Multiple Sites
  • Cellar Report Writer
  • Transfer, Adjustment, Addition, Racking, Analysis, Press, Cost Allocation, Homogenous Blend & Barrel Topping Operations
  • Trial Blend Calculator Auto Load Against Cellar Work Sheet
  • Tasting & Trial Blend Forms
  • Dip & Fortification Calculator
  • AWBC LIP Requirements
  • Customs Fortification
  • FDA Bioterrorism
  • HACCP (Batch Tracking)
  • Preload Text, Additives and Analysis To Be Performed Against Each Operation Type Defined
  • Monitor Time To Complete Operations
  • Generate List Of From and/or To Vessels Based Of Selection Criteria Such As Wine Batch or Allocation
  • Actual Tonnes/Hectare & Litres/Tonne
  • Barrel Attribute Composition & Usage (Days & %)
  • Cellar Position as at Specified Date
  • Cellar Movements for Specified Date Range
  • Marc & Stalk Despatch.


  • Insufficient Additive Stock Available
  • Different Wine Groups Being Blended
  • White Wine Is Transferred To Barrel That Previously Had Red
  • Wine Has Been Placed On Hold
  • SOPs or Notes Exist For Wine Or Vessel
  • Wine Composition and/or Analysis Is Different To Specification
  • Vessel In Use By Another Worksheet
  • Tank Dips Do Not Match
  • Insufficient Volumes For Transfer
  • Wine Cost Exceeds Budget
  • Ops Scheduled Out Of Date Sequence
  • Analysis Has Not Been Done Within Required Period
  • Cellar Hand Not Authorised To Perform Cellar Op Or Access Vessel.
  • Grower Delivery Exceeds Contract
  • Allowable Operation % Loss/Gain Exceeded
  • Allowable Variance Analysis Readings Exceeded
  • Vessel Capacity Will Be Exceeded
  • Sales Entry Does Not Exist For Bulk Receival
  • Purchase Order Does Not Exist For Bulk Despatch
  • Overdue Or Missing Analysis
  • Spray Diary Not Provided
  • Maximum Addition Rate Exceeded.


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